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ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a Quality Management System (QMS) which can be used by an organization to address customer satisfaction by meeting customer and applicable regulatory requirements. It can also be used by internal and external parties, including certification bodies, to assess the organizations ability to meet customer and regulatory requirements.

Strider International offers a cost effective strategic approach for your organization to successfully achieve implementation and registration. We welcome the opportunity to visit your organization to show how we can make the compliance to the Management Standard of your choice painless and cost effective.

What is ISO 9001?

iso 9001 certISO 9001 sets out the steps necessary to adopt a quality management system. It is designed to help organizations ensure they meet the needs and expectations of both customers and other interested parties, based on internationally recognized quality management principles set out by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

At the heart of the standard is a quality policy and set of systems and principles that tie together business objectives, customer needs and your marketing plan. When this approach to quality is embedded across the business every employee understands how their actions create a better customer experience and processes are put in place to continually review and improve that customer experience.

ISO 9001 is what is known as a ‘generic standard’ – this means it can be applied to any organization no matter its size or complexity.

A Few Details About ISO 9001

There are several different documents in the ISO 9000 family of standards, but ISO 9001 is the only standard in the 9000 series that requires certification. Typically, an entire organization will seek certification, but the scope of the QMS can be tailored to improve performance at a particular facility or department. The current version is ISO 9001:2015, which was published in September of 2015 (thus the: 2015).

It does NOT matter what size your organization is: 1 person or 1 million people. 

It does NOT matter what industry you are in (service or manufacturing) – it can be a restaurant, consultancy, manufacturing company, government entity, etc. There are other standards based upon ISO 9001 for a few specific industries.

It is NOT a standard for products. It does not define product quality. This is a process-based standard: you use it to control your processes, then your end product should meet the desired results.

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It is NOT a personal Standard – a person cannot get certified to ISO 9001, instead an organization or company becomes certified. Individuals, however, CAN become an ISO 9001 Certified Lead Auditor after a 5 day training course. This then allows them to audit other companies.

There is no such thing as “ISO Certification” or “ISO 9000 Certification”, only ISO 9001 certification.

It is NOT a membership group – An organization cannot “join” ISO 9001. To become ISO 9001 certified, your organization must:

Follow the steps to implement an ISO 9001 quality management system.

Then a Certification Body (CB or Registrar) audits the performance of your organization against the latest version of the ISO 9001 Requirements. If you pass this audit, the Registrar issues an ISO 9001 Certificate demonstrating that your organization is Registered to ISO 9001 for a three year period. 

Finally, the organization must be re-certified every three years in order to maintain their ISO 9001 certification status.

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