Strider International

Strider International specializes in implementation and support of Quality Management Systems such as:

ISO 9001   ISO14001   ISO/TS16949   AS9100

Strider has experience in implementing quality systems in a wide range of organizations and utilizes a unique strategic approach. Companies both large and small, from a wide range of industries have benefited from our experience, support and training.

Our approach to implementing a quality management system gives your organization the training, skills and direction needed during the implementation process. The experience and support provided, gives your organization solutions that are practical and easy to use. The carefully planned approach helps to save time and money to achieve cost effective results. Once certified, Strider International can take on the responsibility of carrying out your internal audits on a scheduled basis. The need for trained internal auditors in your organization is not required.

Strider International stays with you and gives you all the support you need!

Our associates have extensive experience in business management and will work closely with an organizations leadership during the system implementation.

Strider Internationals success has been based on the ability to help organizations achieve their goal and produce the results they are looking for, whatever the organizations size or industry.

Strider is a proud member of:

American Society for Quality

Arizona Tooling and Machining Association

Registrar Accreditation Board / Quality Society of Australasia







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